Bow Arts is a small arts education charity based in Bow, East London.  It has a small core staff and a board of trustees. Over 200 artists are affiliated with Bow Arts through their studios and LiveWork scheme.



Studios and Live Work:

Tilly Hogrebe Property Assistant 020 7515 7491
Francis Ives Property Assistant   020 7515 7491



Becky Lees Education Assistant 020 8709 5295
Fran Laws Education & Learning Officer 020 8709 5294



Anna Sexton Community Development Officer 020 8709 5291



Alex Anthony Gallery Assistant 020 8709 5292
Vacant Gallery Director 020 8709 5292



Mick Bateman Open Studios Project Manager 020 8709 5292



Aline Rice Finance Administrator 020 7538 1719



Dawn Bigsby Communications Officer 05601 255669


Senior Staff:

Marcel Beattig Chief Executive Officer 05601 255668
Michael Cubey Assistant Director, Head of Property 020 7515 7491
Rob Smith Head of Education and Learning 020 8709 5295
Catherine McKinney Business Manager 020 7538 1719




Elizabeth Hall - Chair

Elizabeth Hall - Chair

Elizabeth has been Chair of BAT since April 2007. She got to know Bow Arts during her eight years as a governor of St Paul’s Way Community School, one of the first schools to achieve Specialist Arts status, which it did with the help of Bow Arts. She lives locally and is a Council member of Queen Mary University of London. Among various other interests, she is also on the Court of St Katharine’s Foundation in Limehouse, and a member of Bow Church, opposite the Bow Arts studios, which celebrates its 700th anniversary in 2011. Elizabeth is retired from the Financial Services Authority, where she was responsible for consumer protection and consumer information for several years.

Myriam Blundell
Myriam Blundell Myriam Blundell joined the board of the BAT in September 2008. She has over eight years of broad, diverse contemporary art advisory and curatorial experience, founding an independent curatorial practice in 2004. Dedicated to uncovering and exhibiting the work of emerging contemporary artists, the practice acts as a coaching medium, providing both commercial and creative guidance to an international pool of artists. Working with a variety of mediums ranging from Film, Photography, Installations and live art performances to Contemporary Music and Dance, the practice focuses upon unusual and new ways of approaching the conventional to create exciting forms of display and engagement with contemporary art. Ms. Blundell is currently engaged as the Executive Director of the Friends of Signy and Olaf Willums Foundation in Provence, France, which awards an annual residency for outstanding emerging artists.  She is member of the Contemporary Art Society Board of Trustees and acts as the founding Chair of the International Collectors Forum. She recently joined the board of the international Board of the Friends of the Certosa di Capri in Italy.
Martyn Coles

Martyn Coles has been a Trustee since 2007. He has recently retired as Principal of the City of London Academy in Bermondsey, a 1150 student school sponsored by the City of London Corporation. He has now taken up the post of Director of Education with the Creative Education Trust, an academy sponsor in the West Midlands and South West. From 1995 until 2003 he was Headteacher of St. Paul’s Way Community School and Arts College in Tower Hamlets, one of the first specialist Visual Arts Colleges in England and a school that worked closely with Bow Arts. Martyn is a member of the Council at the Institute of Education, a Trustee of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. He has spoken at education seminars and conferences about business links, school design, specialist schools and academies.


Sarah Elson
Sarah Elson Is an art historian and co-founder of Galatea Contemporary Art Advisors, a consultancy business that focussed for over 10 years on the curating and cultivation of collections for corporate and private clients. Independently, she collects, writes and conducts instructive forums for education about contemporary art. She serves on several advisory committees, including the Princeton University Art Museum, where she and her husband established an International Artist in Residence program. Sarah serves on the boards of Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, the Friends of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, UK, and the Contemporary Art Society, London. She is Chair of the Contemporary Art Society’s 2011 fundraiser, Material Worlds.
John Hills
John Hills Previously Business Development Manager for Leaside Regeneration, John provides consultancy services to local social enterprise and start up businesses in East London.  
Chris Johnson
John Middleton
John Middleton John Middleton is the Head of Economic Development at the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation. As Head of Economic Development John develops policy, strategy and projects which will over time deliver significant change for east London.  In his role he is also the lead within LTGDC for all economic development work including education & skills and culture & community work.   Examples of his work for LTGDC include the new marketing suite “The View” and community space “View Tube” which are both adjacent to Olympic Park, the National Skills Academy for Financial Services (which opened Jan 2008) and Chairing the new Birkbeck/UEL university centre project team (which opens in 2013).  John is also responsible for six school capital projects including Rokeby School in Canning Town, Eastbury School in Barking and St Paul’s Way Community School in Bromley by Bow and the LIFT festival programme. Prior to working for LTGDC John ran his own management consultancy business.  He had a number of clients who employed him to clarify strategy, improve business plans or develop sustainable new projects.  John has had a varied career mainly as a Director in education, and has worked principally in Manchester, east London and Australia.  While working in east London John has supported a number of cultural venues, including the formation of the business plan which enabled the Stratford Circus to re-open.  In his personal life John values travel, having navigated his way around the world three times on different trips all lasting 6 months.  He is also an avid reader (currently of translated north European thrillers), arts participant (especially of smaller venues and emerging artists) and is a sports addict.
Nick Smales
  Nick has worked in regeneration for over 20 years in both the private and public sectors and is Head of Regeneration and Economic Development for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. In this role Nick has overseen the development of the High Street 2012 programme in Tower Hamlets, worked with multiple partners on Olympic legacy and its impacts in Tower Hamlets, developed the Borough’s employment and enterprise strategies and is taking forward transformational regeneration schemes at the Ocean Estate and Blackwall Reach with a value of around £0.7 billion. Prior to his current role Nick was Programme Director of the Hull and East Riding Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder and between August 2005 and September 2007 led the transformation of not only the Pathfinder organisation but of low demand areas of Hull. This included land assembly, detailed master-planning, major procurement and establishment of joint working with arrangements with Lead Developers. Previously Nick had worked in the private sector as Managing Director of two subsidiary companies within the Places for People Group: JVCo the Group’s community regeneration subsidiary and when MD of JVCo Nick set up and ran Places for Children the Group’s childcare subsidiary. Whilst at PfP Nick also fulfilled the role of Head of Area Regeneration working on major area based regeneration and transformation programmes in East Newcastle, East Leeds and London. Prior to his move into the private sector Nick had been Head of Economic Development at a large unitary authority running 5 SRB programmes, inward investment, commercial property, vocational training and the Education Business Partnership.
Rajen Madan
Rajen Madan Rajen has been a Director of the Bow Arts Trust since February 2008. He is a Director of Vartma, a specialist firm supporting blue chip and startup clients with restructuring advice, programme delivery, and capital raising. He has over a decade of experience helping senior management architect and deliver highly visible growth and restructuring programmes in capital markets, automotives, and technology based in Europe, US, Asia (India, Japan). He has worked in both line and lead consultant roles. He has been actively involved in social welfare efforts in the past focused on promoting education and cross cultural dialogue. Working for tangible social development outcomes is also one of Vartma's core operating principles.
Jonathan Winskill
Jonathan Winskill

Jonathan Winskill has been a Director of the Bow Arts Trust since December 2007. He is a commercial property and land development solicitor with Kaslers Solicitors LLP. Jonathan deals with properties around the south east and London, working with businesses from individuals to plcs on a wide variety of transactions. In the past, Jonathan has worked for commercial law firms around the country dealing with properties as diverse as railway stations, quarries and electricity pylons. Jonathan believes that the best result for his clients is achieved by close teamwork so that Jonathan can understand the reasons for the commercial decisions and the client those for the legal advice.

Jonathan has a keen interest in art, having studied it at various stages throughout his life and “moonlighting” as a graphic artist in the past.

Although he enjoys all aspects of his involvement with Bow Arts, Jonathan is particularly inspired by the Trust’s work helping underprivileged children and promoting community regeneration.



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